Best Friends Preschool
10 Windsor Drive, Wareham Ma. 02571
Phone:  508-291-0812
 Fax:  508-291-0303

Wareham Childcare that is affordable, safe, convenient.  Best Friends Preschool is a Preschool and Day Care Center located in Wareham, Ma. 02571.

    Some Questions and Answers for Parents

    How Long has the school been operating?  Best Friends was originally licensed for six children from 1989 to 1997.  We have been licensed by Mass. Early Education and Care as a group facility and are now licensed for 56 children.  That's 23 years serving the same communities!

    What experience do the teachers have?  The Director has a Degree in Early Childhood Education, the other Staff Members are Certified in First Aid and CPR, and all are pursuing Degrees.  Two of the Staff members have been with Best Friends Preschool since 1997.

    Is there time set aside for the parent and teachers to discuss the child?  At any time, parents are encouraged to schedule time to discuss anything regarding their preschoolers.  Also, brief time is always taken upon pickup to cover any immediate concerns or needs parents/teachers may have.

    Does the school have an outdoor space and how often is it used?  We have the best Playground on the Cape!  We use the outdoor space every day at least twice a day, weather permitting.  We strongly encourage the children to be physically and socially active during this structured play time.  You can click here to view playground and facilities photos!

    Does the school take field trips?  No, all activities take place at school.  We have puppet shows, reptile shows, magicians, ice cream socials, storytellers, Fire and Police visitation throughout the year.

    How is discipline handled?  We strive to prevent inappropriate behaviors which detract from learning.  Some of the methods we use are:  distraction, re-direction, behavior modeling, and positive reinforcement of desirable behaviors.  Limits are always clear, consistent, age appropriate
    and fair.
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