Hi Maria

    I was thinking about our conversation this morning on my ride to work and
    thought of something else that Best Friends does that makes a huge difference
    in preparing for kindergarten. The homework packet!!!

    Believe me Renee does not love doing that homework packet but she has all week
    to get it finished and it at least gets her into the groove of doing homework.
    Sacred Heart gives the kids homework every night and I am assuming that
    Wareham probably does too. So for the kids who have never had any type of
    homework that is a huge adjustment. When Ryan started kindergarten he never
    argued about homework, he would come home and get it done with no complaints
    and still does that and he has quite a bit of homework to do each night.

    I really believe that if the foundation had not been started at Best Friends
    homework would be a nightmare for both the kids and the parents! So I
    appreciate all the effort you put into making sure the children at Best Friends
    are more than ready for kindergarten.
    Have a great day


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